Annual International Conferences

Each year the ICMB organizes an international conference dealing with an issue of keen interest to bankers, policy makers and academic researchers. The conference is organized around a study specially commissioned from leading experts. The study is published in the Geneva Reports on the World Economy series, available here in electronic form. Print version can be obtained  from CEPR.


The corresponding Geneva Reports are available here.

May 3, 2013: Exit Strategy

Alan Blinder, Don Kohn, with contributions by Thomas Jordan and Frederic Mishkin

May 4, 2012: After the Fall: The Future of Global Cooperation

May 5, 2011: Public Debts: Nuts, Bolts and Worries

Barry Eichengreen, Robert Feldman, Jeffrey Liebman, Jürgen von Hagen and Charles Wyplosz

May 7, 2010: Cross-border resolution of systemically important financial institutions

January 24,2009: The fundamental principles of financial regulation

May 30, 2008: Conference in honor of Alexander Swoboda

May 06, 2008

Low inflation? Testing times for Central Banks

May 04, 2007

International financial stability

May 05, 2006

Dealing with the new giants

May 06, 2005

Official reserves and currency management in Asia: Myth, reality and the Future

May 07, 2004

International economic cooperation in the 21st century

May 09, 2003

Conflicts of interest in commercial and investment Banking

May 10, 2002

Financial Markets: Shock Absorbers or Shock Creators

May 04, 2001

How do central Banks talk?

May 05, 2000

Asset price inflation: what to do about it?

May 07, 1999

The IMF after Mexico

October 06, 1997

The international monetary system after the decision on EMU


The European sovereign debt crisis has not just created turmoil and fragmentation in the money and financial markets of the Eurozone. It has also divided economists, often along national lines. On January 24, 2014, ICMB organized a workshop of researchers to try and find common ground. A report will be available soon.