ICMB publishes the Geneva Reports on the World Economy series. The regular issues present the reports that were specially commissioned for an annual conference. Occasional studies produced by ICMB researchers appear occasionally as Special Reports.

The Geneva Reports are published and distributed by the Center for Economic Policy Research (CEPR). They are now available in electronic version at no cost. Please click on the images below. For hard copies, please contact CEPR.



Listed in inverse chronological order. Available for free downloading.

Geneva Report 15

Exit Strategy

Alan Blinder and Don Kohn, with contributions by Thomas Jordan and Frederic Mishkin.

Publication date: September 2013

Geneva Report 14

After the Fall: The Future of Global Cooperation

Jeff Frieden, Michael Pettis, Dani Rodrik and Ernesto Zedillo.

Publication date: September 2012

Geneva Report 13

Public Debts: Nuts, Bolts and Worries

Barry Eichengreen, Robert Feldman, Jeffrey Liebman, Jürgen von Hagen and Charles Wyplosz.

Publication date: September 2011

Geneva Report 12

A Safer World Financial System: Improving the Resolution of Systemic Institutions

Stijn Claessens, Richard J. Herring, and Dirk Schoenmaker, with an Appendix by Kimberly A. Summ

Publication date: September 2010

Geneva Report 11

The Fundamental Principles of Financial Regulation

Markus Brunnermeier, Andrew Crockett, Charles Goodhart, Avinash D. Persaud and Hyun Song Shin.

Publication date: July 2009

Geneva Report 10

Are the Golden Years of Central Banking Over?

Stefan Gerlach, Alberto Giovannini, Cédric Tille and José Viñals.

Publication date: July 2009

Geneva Report 9

International Financial Stability

Roger Ferguson, Philipp Hartmann, Fabio Panetta and Richard Portes.

Publication date: November 2007

Geneva Report 8

Dealing with the New Giants: the Role of Pension Funds

Tito Boeri, Lars Bovenberg, Benoît Coeuré and Andrew Roberts.

Publication date: July 2006

Geneva Report 7

Official Reserves and Currency Management in Asia: Myth, Reality and the Future

Hans Genberg, Robert McCauley, Yung Chul Park and Avinash Persaud.

Publication date: July 2006

Geneva Report 6

International Economic and Financial Cooperation: New Issues, New Actors, New Responses

Peter Kenen, Jeffrey Shafer, Nigel Wicks and Charles Wyplosz.

Publication date: September 2004

Geneva Report 5

Conflicts of Interest in the Financial Services Industry: What Should We Do About Them?

Andrew Crockett, Trevor Harris, Frederic S. Mishkin, and Eugene White.

Publication date: February 2004

Geneva Report 4

Transparency, Risk Management and International Financial Fragility

Mario Draghi, Francesco Giavazzi, and Robert C. Merton.

Publication date: September 2003

Geneva Report 3

How Do Central Banks Talk?

Alan S. Blinder, Charles A. Goodhart, Philipp M. Hildebrand, David Lipton, and Charles Wyplosz.

Publication date: October 2001

Geneva Report 2

Asset Prices and Central Bank Policy

Stephen G. Cecchetti, Hans Genberg, John Lipsky, and Sushil Wadhwani.

Publication date: July 2000

Geneva Report 1

An Independent and Accountable IMF

José De Gregorio, Barry Eichengreen, Takatoshi Ito, and Charles Wyplosz..

Publication date: October 2001

Geneva Special Report 1

Can the Moral Hazard Caused by IMF Bailouts be Reduced?

Barry Eichengreen

Publication date: September 2000

Geneva Special Report 2

How do Central Banks Write?

Andrea Fracasso, Hans Genberg and Charles Wyplosz

Publication date: May 2003

Geneva Special Report 3

PADRE: Politically Acceptable Debt Restructuring in the Eurozone

Pierre Pâris and Charles Wyplosz

Publication date: January 2014