Public lectures


ICMB regularly organizes prestigious public lectures for the Geneva community.

These lectures are held at the Maison de la Paix (The Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies (IHEID)), 2, chemin Eugène-Rigot,  at 18:30.

Unless otherwise specified, the lectures are given in English.

The entrance is free. There is no registration.


Next public lectures

November 11, 2014

Ignazio Visco, Governor

Banca d’Italia

October 21, 2014

Fritz Zurbruegg, Member of the Governing Board

Swiss National Bank

Latest public lectures

March 25, 2014

Is the Euro Crisis Over?

Klaus Regling, Managing Director

European Stability Mechanism

March 11, 2014

La Globalisation de la réglementation et de la surveillance financières, son impact sur la Suisse

Anne Héritier Lachat, Chair of the Board of Directors (FINMA) and Professor at the Centre for Banking and Finance Law

February 25, 2014

The Dollar Trap

Prof. Eswar Prasad (Cornell University)

November 12, 2013

Stefan Ingves (Sveriges Riksbank)

October 9, 2013

Benoît Coeuré (European Central Bank)

List of public lectures


March 25, 2014           Klaus Regling: Is the Euro Crisis Over?

March 11, 2014           Anne Héritier Lachat: La Globalisation de la réglementation et de la surveillance

                                    financières, son impact sur la Suisse

February 25, 2014      Eswar Prasad: The Dollar Trap


November 12, 2013   Stefan Ingves: Have Lessons From Previous Bank Crises Been Learned?

October 9, 2013         Benoît Coeuré: The Economic Consequences Of Low Interest Rates 

May 14, 2013             Axel Weber: Bank Regulations And The Future Of Banking

April 16, 2013            Jean-Pierre Danthine: Credit: Is The Sky The Limit?

March 20, 2013          Thomas F. Huertas: Banking Union: What Will It Mean For Europe?

February 12, 2013      Andreas Dombret: Financial Systemic Risk


November 20, 2012    Donald Kohn: Unconventional Monetary Policies

June 5, 2012               Vitor Gaspar: Portugal: Policies, Achievements And Challenges

May 8, 2012                José Viñals: The Quest For Lasting Financial Stability

March 27, 2012           José Manuel Campa: Social And Institutional Challenges Facing The Eurozone

February 20, 2012       Peter Praet: Monetary Policy In Times Of Crisis


October 25, 2011        Charles Bean: Central Banking Then And Now

May 17, 2011              Thomas Jordan: The «Too Big To Fail» Project In Switzerland

March 15, 2011           Patrick Honohan: Risk And The Sovereign


November 9, 2010      Mark Carney: Looking Back, Moving Forward: Cananda And

                                    Global Financial Reform

March 23, 2010           George Alogoskoufis: The Euro Area, After The Crisis: What To Do?


November 24, 2009    Jean-Pierre Roth: La Crise Financière S’ Eloigne: Leçons Pour L’Action Future

                                    Des Banques Centrales

October 7, 2009          Tony Tan: The Great Crisis And Its Aftermath - Implications For Asia

April 28, 2009              Lorenzo Bini Smaghi: Conventional And Non-Conventional Monetary Policy

March 24, 2009           Jean Lemierre: Emerging Markets: Eastern Europe And The Global Crisis

March 10, 2009           Yu Yongding: China’s Response To The Global Crisis


May 27, 2008               Doris Leuthard: What Does The Financial Sector Crisis Mean For Economic


March 4, 2008              Marcel Ospel: New Players, New Challenges? Recent And Upcoming Trends

                                     In International Financial Markets


December 18, 2007      Philipp Hildebrand: The Challenge Of Sovereign Wealth Funds

June 19, 2007               Arminio Fraga: Monetary Policy Anomalies

May 2, 2007                 Jeffrey A. Frieden: Global Capitalism: It’s Fall And Rise In The Twentieth


February 1, 2007          Shamshad Akhtar: Lessons From Pakistan’s Banking Sector Reforms

January 23, 2007         Lawrence H. Summers: Reflections On The Management Of Growing Global



May 9, 2006                  Yaga Venugopal Reddy: Financial Sector Reforms In India


November 22, 2005       Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa: Central Banking In Retrospect

November 8, 2005         Thomas Huertas: Dealing With Distress In Financial Conglomerates

June 7, 2005                  Axel Weber: European Financial Integration And Monetary Policy

April 5, 2005                   György Surànyi: Euro: Opportunity And Challenge For The Transition            


March 23, 2005               Leszek Balcerowicz: Lessons Of Post-Communist Transition


November 9, 2004          Joseph C.K. Yam: Asian Finance

May 18, 2004                  Anne O. Krueger: Wilful Ignorance: The Struggle To Convince The Free

                                        Trade Sceptics

January 14, 2004             Ben S. Bernanke: Monetary Policy In A Low Interest Rate Environment


November 15, 2003         Jean-Pierre Roth: Qu’Attendre De La Politique Monétaire?

June 17, 2003                   Lucas Papademos: Monetary Policy: Objectives And Strategy


August 8, 2002                 Anne O. Krueger: Why Do We Need A Sovereign Debt Restructuring


May 21, 2002                    Michael Mussa: Argentina And The Fund: From Triumph To Tragedy

April 6, 2002                     Andrew Large: Banking And Globalization

March 7, 2002                  Frits Bolkestein: European Financial And Economic Integration, Ahead To

                                         The Barcelona Summit

January 8, 2002                Roger W. Fergusson, Jr: Why Central Banks Should Talk


November 13, 2001          Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa: The Euro In The International Monetary


March 20, 2001                 Christian Noyer: Premières Expériences Avec l’Euro

February 6, 2001               Jean Lemierre: Les Nouveaux Défis De La Transition A L’Est